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Advice & Guidance

Regardless of the age, style or purpose of your property, maintenance is essential.

Mill Street One of the most effective ways to look after a building is to give it a simple 'MOT' at the beginning of winter to make sure that it is ready to face potential problems caused by rainfall, high winds and debris like fallen leaves and twigs.

National Maintenance Week aims to give property owners access to straightforward, practical and safe advice that can really make a difference.

Maintenance is often the 'Cinderella' of the property world, but just a little time each year spent addressing things like blocked gutters or drains can avert the necessity of costly and intrusive repairs.

On founding The SPAB in 1877, William Morris spoke of the need to "stave off decay by daily care, to prop a perilous wall or mend a leaky roof." Maintenance is important to buildings of all ages and types and is as vital today as it was in his time.

This site is packed with helpful tips and information to give you the confidence and the knowledge to get started.