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Past Highlights

Highlights 2002

The first SPAB NMW in 2002 proved a huge success. These were some of the highlights:

SPAB NMW launches with Kevin McCloud of Channel 4's Grand Designs abseiling down the Tower of London to clear a gutter.

A maintenance conference, hosted by English Heritage, begins with a keynote speech from Baroness Blackstone, Minister for the Arts, DCMS.

SPAB in Scotland launches the week north of the border at an event held jointly with the National Trust for Scotland.

350 000 copies of the maintenance guide A Stitch in Time are produced jointly by the SPAB, IHBC and English Heritage for distribution to homeowners.

In Northern Ireland, 120 primary schools are asked to join a competition called "Grotty Gutters and Battered Buildings".

National Gutters Day is featured in press and radio items nationwide.

The SPAB commissions a MORI poll to discover attitudes towards building maintenance.  Download the SPAB's commentary on the MORI poll results here.  You can also download a summary of the findings here.