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Past Highlights

Highlights 2004

16 November 2004: Maintenance Matters Exhibition at Oswestry.

16 November 2004: Maintenance Matters Evening at the Gateway Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, Shropshire at 7.30pm, including practical talks on the importance and good practice of maintenance.

19 November 2004: Official Media Launch of National Maintenance Week by Marianne Suhr, SPAB Technical Promotions Officer and expert co-presenter of BBC2's 'Restoration'.

20 November 2004: Maintenance Event at St Margaret's Church, Stamford Rivers, near Ongar, Essex.

23 - 27 November 2004: Display of Traditional Crafts & Building Conservation Skills at King John's House and Gardens, Romsey, Hampshire.

24 November 2004: Launch of new report "Putting it off: How lack of maintenance fails our heritage" by Maintain our Heritage.

25 November 2004: Maintenance Matters Conference at The Memorial Hall, Oswestry, Shropshire.

26 November 2004: National Gutters Day. It might not be the most glamorous date in your diary, but if you haven't already checked your gutters to clear out any leaves, twigs or debris, this is a timely reminder to take a few minutes to help keep your house sound this winter!

26 November 2004: The Importance of Building Maintenance Workshop at St Leonard's Church, Bilston.