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Past Highlights

Highlights 2006

Monday 20th November: "Gutters and VAT, drains and Rates - can Britain learn from continental models of maintenance?" A talk by Harriet Devlin. In 2005 Harriet Devlin, was granted a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to study: 'European initiatives in preventative maintenance for historic buildings'. This involved trips to remote Romanian villages, Belgian cathedral roofs, Dutch mansions, Swedish spas, Norwegian warehouses, Hungarian monasteries and Danish listed laundries. Continental models provide positive incentives for owners to maintain their historic properties - does the British system reward neglect?

Wednesday 22nd November: Roofs and Chimneys - Fire in Thatch. Led by Dr Roger Angold from the National Society of Master Thatchers, this morning session covered the repair of thatch, specifications, insulation and fire safety.

Wednesday 22nd November: Damp and Old Buildings - Its Misdiagnosis. This event was led by Mike Parrett, who played a key role in National Maintenance Week 2005, and focused on damp in old buildings and the widespread misdiagnosis of rising damp. Mike is an independent building pathologist and dampness consultant with over 23 years experience of surveying buildings.

Wednesday 22nd November: Fire Safety in Older Properties. Good maintenance is also about ensuring that your building meets appropriate fire regulations and safety standards. Chris Davis from the London Fire Brigade offered owners of older properties targeted advice and practical information.

Friday 24 November: National Gutters Day - Damp Diagnosis Hotline
Back by popular demand! After a hectic and successful day manning the advice line here at SPAB during NMW 2005, Damp Doctor Mike Parrett was once again at the end of the line to offer practical tips and advice to concerned homeowners.