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Past Highlights

Highlights 2007

Griff cleaning his gutters The vital messages of National Maintenance Week reached an estimated audience of 18 million people in 2007.

This was due in no small way to the fact that our 2007 campaign was supported by Griff Rhys Jones who was kind enough to demonstrate some basic maintenance procedures on the roof of his own home in London.

On one the hottest days of the summer last year, Griff was photographed clearing leaves and pigeon dung from his gutters and roof spaces and these images subsequently appeared in several national publications and scores of local newspapers as the campaign gained momentum in October and November.

Our key theme for the 2007 campaign, Sense and Sustainability - Why Maintenance Matters, also struck a chord with many people who were interested to find out more about the way good maintenance can make a practical contribution to the environment.

Increasingly we live in a throw-away world and one of the key questions SPAB urged people to ask last year when dealing with maintenance was, "what can I repair, not replace?" A maxim that echoes the words of William Morris on the foundation of the Society back in 1877, "Put protection in place of restoration. Stave off decay by daily care."

Highlights of the 2007 campaign included a lively mention of National Gutters Day on the popular Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie show on Radio 2 and the appearances of Marianne Suhr and Sara Crofts (Faith in Maintenance Project Director) on around 16 radio stations to promote the importance of maintenance.

A joint project with Period Ideas saw SPAB's Little Book of Home Maintenance distributed free with every magazine in October.