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Past Highlights

Highlights 2012

In 2012 NMW preceded the launch of the Government’s Green Deal drive to make buildings across the country more energy efficient.

Since 2009 the SPAB has co-ordinated a ground-breaking research project into the energy efficiency performance of old buildings. Fascinatingly, results have shown that traditionally constructed properties perform better than commonly supposed. In fact, SPAB's on-the-spot research suggested that 73% of the traditionally-built walls sampled - including walls of limestone, slate, granite and cob - actually lose less heat than expected!

But another thing our research has shown, is that, no matter the construction, material or age of a building, if it is poorly maintained it cannot be energy efficient no matter what else you do to it. For example leaking roofs, faulty gutters and blocked drains can lead to dampness - and a damp building may well be cold and possibly unhealthy.

With this in mind, the SPAB's NMW campaign for 2012 went back to basics, encouraging homeowners (and people who care for public buildings such as churches, village halls and local authority properties) to be aware of the very simple, economic and achievable maintenance steps they can take at the beginning of winter to stave off costly major faults and damage at a later date - and improve energy efficiency. See our ten tips to make a difference.

Good maintenance makes a positive contribution to sustainable living, but there’s more to sustainability than saving energy. It’s about making common sense decisions about our immediate environment - the places where we live, work and meet.