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Look Before You Leak

We all spend time, effort and money looking after our cars, so why does the maintenance of our homes - by far our most valuable asset - often take a back seat?

Plants in a gutterThe Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, has produced a free leaflet to mark National Maintenance Week aiming to encourage owners to undertake routine maintenance to safeguard the fabric and value of their buildings.

The leaflet, entitled Look Before You Leak, emphasises how preventative maintenance is the most effective way of conserving our built heritage. It ensures that small problems don't become large and costly headaches, and helps retain the unique character that makes our historic buildings special.

Andrew McClelland, Heritage Projects Officer from the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, said:

"Cleaning out gutters is the most basic of tasks yet is often neglected with sometimes devastating consequences. The old adage that a stitch in time saves nine is as valid today as ever."