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Top Tips

Maintenance and Repairs

Plant GrowthImportant DOs and DON'Ts

Do - carry out regular inspection and maintenance

Don't - allow serious defects to remain untreated

Do - be aware of safety and wear protective gloves when clearing gutters and drains

Don't - undertake routine maintenance work at high level unless your are accompanied and have suitable equipment. If in doubt always seek help from a professional

Do - seek advice from qualified professionals

Don't - expect independent advice from someone who has something to sell you

Do - repair rather than restore or replace

Don't - repair in unsympathetic materials as this can cause more maintenance problems in future!

Do - respect the building's character and history and make sure the work is sympathetic to it

Don't - attempt to ‘improve' by altering the original appearance

Do - avoid unnecessary work

Don't - clad walls with artificial stone or other modern materials

Cement Pointing

Do - study the history of the building and how it has change

Don't - use unsuitable ‘off the peg' architectural elements

Do - analyse the cause of defects

Don't - rely on commercially based claims for any product or technique

Do - use only traditional materials and proven techniques

Don't - use so-called ‘maintenance free' products

Do - re-use materials salvaged from your on building

Don't - waste re-usable materials

Do - remedy previous bad repairs

Don't - bodge repairs!

Do - remove disfiguring alterations or additions

Don't - remove or demolish any original elements

Do - adopt correct priorities for repairs

Don't - replace windows or doors in non-original patterns or materials

Do - use only reliable contractors or craftspeople

Don't - employ anyone without seeing references or inspecting their work

Do - obtain necessary planning and legal consents

Don't - do any work without required consent.

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