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Top Tips

Ten Easy Energy Tips

  1. Maintain your building - catch problems before they catch you.
  2. Repair your building - fix a leaky roof or blocked gutter and find the source of that damp problem - a dry house is a warmer house!
  3. Understand your building - allow surfaces to breathe and work with the original building construction and plan form.
  4. Understand how much your building costs to run - do you know how much gas, electricity and water you use?
  5. Understand your behaviour in the building - do you have to heat the whole house and for what periods?
  6. Install efficient heating systems and controls - design your heating system around how you use the building and make the controls as user-friendly as possible.
  7. Control heat loss through air leakage - carpet suspended timber floors, hang thick curtains, install draught-proofing measures around windows or consider adding secondary glazing or wooden shutters.
  8. Get your insulation right - by all means insulate lofts and underfloor voids, but remember not to block or impede ventilation in those areas as this can lead to problems.
  9. Remove moisture at source through effective ventilation - remove moisture from bathrooms and kitchens before it circulates and condenses.
  10. Pull on a woolly jumper and thicker socks! It might sound simple, but this common sense solution can really make a difference.