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Advice & Guidance

Video Clips

Damp brickworkThese video clips feature maintenance advice from a building surveyor who is a member of the SPAB's Technical Panel.

The Panel also produces a number of useful technical publications. These can be purchased online from the main SPAB website.


Defects in rainwater goods

Alan Gardner talks to a homeowner about the damage caused when a blocked hopper head overflows during the winter.

Decaying timberDampness and timber decay

Alan Gardner talks to a homeowner about timber which has suffered from fungal decay and insect attack because of poorly detailed gutters.


You can watch a futher series of 20 video clips about damp using the SPAB WebVu Module. These video clips were created with the support of BYL Group PLC - sponsors of SPAB's National Maintenance Week in 2006 - and produced by Limelite Media.