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Mr Spabby's Maintenance Quiz

Do you know how to look after your building properly? Test your knowledge with our National Maintenance Week quiz. If you need some help there are lots of clues on the Maintain Your Building website.

Mr Spabby
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What problems might occur if you don’t re-fix missing roof slates or tiles?



What should you do if you identify a damp patch on a wall?



What should you do if you have ivy growing on your wall?



What should you do if an outside drain or gulley is full of grass or weeds?



If you suspect that there is problem with a gutter or roof tiles at a high level what should you do?


How should you deal with hairline cracks in the render on the front of your building?



When is the ideal time to inspect your rainwater goods?



What should you do if you notice that the timber fascias or bargeboards are beginning to rot?



The timber front door looks as though it could do with a coat of paint. What should you do?



If your neighbour points out that your chimney stack might be leaning what should you do?